Saturday, May 22, 2010

Our Saturday filled with sunshine!

I thought today I'd try and fill your cup with sunshine if it's blue with some images of 'our' Saturday.........but to post Saturday's images, I have to start with Friday!

Friday night is always 'Happy Hour' at the Doyle's....where our friends arrive through our front gate with crackers and cheese and coolers and hugs and gather around our back Table and catch up on the latest goings on....where we sometimes drink too many beers and red wine and laugh a little too loud and sit up a little too late......but where we all love and support each other.....and for our Aussie friends, it's a safety haven, a home away from home.

So this morning, while gathering up the empty wine glasses and scraping the leftovers from the dinner plates.....and other remnants from the night before......I could hear my favorite sound....Dempsey laughing from the lounge room......yesterday, Peter bought a Wii for the family! :)

As you can see Dempsey is still in her jammies, learning the ropes of the new Wii while her Daddy has parked himself on the couch, relaxing after a late night!

Then it's off to our favorite lunch spot........'Chic-fil-A', where the warm welcome from the lady that cleans the tables started to fill my blue cup today......every week her beaming smile and "How are you today?" Spanish, along with her cheerful attitude makes me smile and warms my heart.

'Michael's' craft store was next for some frames for Dempsey's paintings....then we quickly swung by Toy's R Us for something for Mommy this time!

I think Peter thinks after all that Chic-fil-A and ice cream I need to start working out......and he's right!  :)

So Peter and Dempsey are looking like fools at the moment, yelling at the TV and waving their arms as if they are in a boxing match.....its making me laugh and appreciate 'family time.' today.

And "voila"  here are Dempsey's artwork from school.........I've carefully dated and taped these precious masterpiece's into their new homes and placed them on the mantle above our fireplace.....and next to Savannah's shelf!

Hoping your Saturday is filled with sunshine today! :) x