Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Destination Unknown....

This week Dempsey is ‘Top Chef’ at school….which means it’s all about ‘her’ for five days in her class.

What she likes, dislikes, her favorite things in life, her family…and I have the privilege of speaking to her class mates on Thursday all about ‘her.’ I’ve been threatening to tell her peers how she used to crawl under our dining table to pooh in her diaper…which of course was met with a “Noooooo Mummy!!!” And of course I wouldn’t do that, but I love her reaction. :)

So going over some old photos to take in I found this one;

When this photo was taken, Dempsey was 6 months old…my world was crumbling apart at the seams, however, as you can see, Dempsey was my bright beacon…always happy…and those dimples!!!!   :)

Anyway, looking back through her photos made me wonder about her destination in life…what mark she will leave on this world?

What experiences will define the person she becomes?

What will leave an imprint on her soul?

Who will be her heroes?

And none of us know our destination…it can change in a heartbeat, and that’s the beauty about life…..destination unknown!  It really is an adventure....good or bad.

So as I peeped at February on our calendar, which I can’t believe is tomorrow…. I noticed the quote on the top…

I love these inspirational calendars! It says “The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same.  Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination." - Don Williams Jr.”

And it’s true, every new day creates a new possibility…we can control our attitude but there’s a lot we can’t control in life most of the time.

Fate is one of them….

Like the TV show “Wheel of Fortune.”   You don’t know where your wheel will stop, or what prize you’ll be given….or...whether you’ll miss a turn….

And it seems my wheel has been spun these past few weeks, and by chance, or destiny, fate has landed on my space.  

You see I’ve been offered the most amazing opportunity.  I’ve been approached by Ruthe from The Let It Be Foundation where I volunteer, to become a 'Grief Group Facilitator'…to help heal other parents who’ve lost a child…who’s heart isn’t as strong as mine is….yet!

For the past three Monday evenings I’ve been training with an amazing, insightful, generous soul named Sue…one of my new hero’s.

Sue is an author, a nurse and the creator of the New Hope Grief Support Organization.  She’s had over 20 years experience leading support groups in the community to help others heal from their losses. Receiving her wisdom and compassion has been inspiring.

The training sessions have been a lot of fun....if you can imagine that!

They’ve also been confronting, however in a good way. And I’ve learned I’m ready to reach out with my experiences of losing my loved ones and provide hope to other parents who’ve experienced the worse grief has to offer.

Last night, sitting in a circle while the fire crackled behind us, we talked about how if you’re only 6 months into your grief journey you cannot comprehend that the sadness will ever go away….you cry every day…but as survivors who’s journey has been longer, we are living proof that the sadness does ease, it never disappears, but it does change and become manageable….and that will give another hope…..

My destination has changed from what it was before my losses…however, because of my grief experience, life is deeper now, my values changed and my ability to notice the beauty that surrounds my journey is blinding.   And that’s the one thing I’d never have imagined…that from all this tragedy, I’d be taught gratitude and compassion.

So I’ve been given the chance to give back because of Savannah, to make a gift out of my grief…I hope I can be a hero to someone someday, like Savannah was to me and like Sue is to so many, anyone can alter or try to change their destination...after all… “Heroes take journeys, confront dragons, and discover the treasure of their true selves.” - Carol Lynn Pearson

I can’t wait to start slaying! :)

ps;  Here is the link to Sue's "New Hope Grief Support Orginization" where they offer some amazing support, Grief Camp and other programs;  http://www.newhopegrief.org/


  1. You are one of my heroes Diana!:)

    It is wonderful that you are doing this training and I know it will bring tremendous comfort to the parents you work with.

    I love the image of turning grief into a gift that can benefit others xo

  2. I wish all the best to you on this new journey. There are so many people out there you can reach and who need someone who has been through grief the way you have. I pray that you will be a blessing and inspiration to all you come in contact with.

  3. Dearest Louise,

    Thanks for the smile this morning....YOU inspire me!!!!

    Thanks for your kind comment...I'm really enjoying the training...it's also good therapy for me.

    Out of any challenge or loss comes a purpose I feel, like what you are doing...it gives us meaning and is a way our kids can leave an imprint on this world.

    love to you and a bucket of sunshine
    Diana x

  4. Dear Barbara,

    Thank you for the support and encouragement...I'm really motivated to turn my losses into something positive.

    Thank you too for the prayers, I think I'll need them when I finally get to do this. :)

    with love
    Diana x

  5. I have been immersing myself in Graham's baby pictures quite a bit lately. He turns 4 this month! Being with Macy reminds me that Graham was this small once too. Seems hard to believe. Sadly it's hard to even remember sometimes. *sigh*

    Anyway, as usual, your blog inspires me to see the beauty in life. As such, I have left an award for you on my blog.


  6. What an adorable picture! That smile is priceless. Yes, I too look back at some of our son’s old photos and find myself thinking the same. Do your very best and hopefully everything else will fall into place.

  7. Lovely Candice!

    Your comment made me smile and sigh a big appreciative sigh this morning. THANK YOU for thinking of my blog and paying forward this award. It's encourages me to keep writing.

    Our babes grow up too quick...my sisters twins start junior high today...it makes me wonder where the time has disappeared to. So.....enjoy this precious time with Macy, take heaps of photos...wish I had've taken more, if thats possible! :)

    Thanks for making an otherwise ordinary day, extroadinary Candice!!! :)
    sending a hug
    Diana x

  8. Dear Dipplo...

    Thanks for the encouragement...it's what keeps me going. :)

    Yes, the photos, I must remember to take the camera out more...time sure flies doesnt it.

    Sending a hug to you and thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

    Diana x

  9. Hi Diana,
    I love your very encouraging blog. Found you on Twitter and came to visit and follow on your blog. You are an inspiration for so many others! And I love the caption on February's calendar, isn't that the truth!

  10. Hi Cindy,

    Thanks for following and leaving a comment...I love to read from people who are reading my blogs...it encourages me.

    I'll hop across and check out your blog.

    Thanks again, this has just made my day! :)
    love Diana x