Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Memories are immeasurable.  They can nourish us, make us smile and make us cry.  When my mom was sick with ovarian cancer she once said to me, "Darling, at the end of each day, all any of us have is photos and memories."  How true! 

Sometimes memories are the only thing we have left.  Something so simple and something that can't be purchased with money. 

When Savannah was dying, I remembered my mothers enlightening words and tried to collect and hoarde as many "happy" memories as I could for the later....for when my curly haired girl would no longer be with us.  They mean more to me now than any material thing I have of hers.  They are something I can pull up in my mind anytime of the day or night.  They are comforting but bittersweet, however, most of the time make me smile and be grateful.

Now, I have a habit of really relishing in a moment, being present at that second in time so I can take a mental snapshot to store away for later if I need it.  I hope you can find a happy memory to store away today that you can call up in the future to provide a little bit of sunshine in your day! x