Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Serendipity…..love this word!

It almost has a magic quality about it. Magic like fate can be and what it occasionally puts in your path…making sure you trip over it, that you notice and that you do something with the message it can bring.

The mystery of serendipity can guide you, or inspire you and I like to believe it’s a valuable lesson, a sign post along the way..…as was the case with me on Sunday.

If you recall, back at the end of July, we went to the San Diego Safari Park. We stayed in a hotel overnight....this is where I encountered serendipity…at breakfast!

I was pouring my coffee when I noticed the girl standing next to me was having trouble with the toaster that was broken. I told her “Oh, you have to hold that toaster down. If you wait a sec, I’ll be finished with this one.” And when she spoke I realized she was Australian….”Oh, you’re an Aussie, whereabouts in Australia are you from? What are you doing in the USA?” I asked.

She replied with, “Oh I’m here playing tennis.”

“Well you must be pretty good if you are here playing tennis all the way from Australia.” I told her.

And with a smile and a pause, she added, “Um, yes, pretty good I guess.”

We chatted over the breakfast bar for a bit and then I went back and joined Peter and Dempsey who were eating their vegemite toast. She sat opposite me at another table and occasionally smiled our way. When she got up to leave I wished her luck with her tennis and she thanked me. Peter commented that she looked familiar……

When we got home that afternoon, I was curious. So using trusty Google, I typed in Australian tennis to see if I could see who she was. And as the faces of the women’s tennis players came up, I recognized her….it was Sam Stouser. Only the highest ranked player in Australia….I smiled to myself, thinking what an idiot I must’ve sounded to her, not knowing who she was….also, how humble she was as an athlete not to blow her own horn.

On Sunday, a few friends texted and emailed, making fun of me, telling me to turn the TV on, that Sam Stouser was in the USA Women’s Final against Serena Williams. I had to laugh!

So I put my feet up on our couch and watched her, this stranger that I met over a toaster, spin her magic and beat Serena Williams. I listened to her victory speech with goosebumps as she said it was her dream to win a Grand Slam since she was a little girl of 10.  And I learnt that she had to overcome some challenges and obstacles in her life….but she didn’t give up. And now, here she is, a champion!

So the whole experience of meeting her and not knowing who she was and then watching her live out her dream inspires me to do better and chase my dream.

Sometimes, we find motivation or inspiration in the strangest places…even over blueberry bagels cooking! :)  Was it fate that I met her that morning, a coincidence? I do wonder about destiny and people who touch our lives, even in a fleeting moment…….

We aren’t in charge of our own fate, but to a certain degree we can change our destiny through choices we make or through people we meet who motivate us…..like she has done for me this weekend.

So thank you Sam Stouser for proudly winning for Australia and for arousing my enthusiasm to follow my dream….to finish writing my book and to one day become a speaker to help others with their challenges.

She proved that you can kick away the obstacles and create opportunities with passion and determination…that anything is possible…...and that the magic of serendipity that life sometimes spins can be a powerful tool to believe……


  1. Hi Diana -- I didn't know you were going to write a book. Have you started?

    That is very exciting and I would love to hear about it.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful story. I agree, it seems that sometimes we meet people out of the blue who have very important lessons for us.


  2. Thanks for dropping in Louise. I must tell you, your blog content always inspires me...and is another example of important lessons learnt from people we meet. Even if its in the blogging world! :)

    I have a finsihed manuscript, written about my journey and how I survived however it doesn't seem like agents or publishers are interested in a lot of stories about surviving grief. So I haven't been motivated to pick it back up and tweek it into something else.

    As I wrote in my blog though, Sam Stouser did inspire me on Sunday so I've allotted some time each week to re-write some of it in a different format.

    Like you Louise, I feel it's only through the experience of others that have travelled the hardship/survival/redefining life path's that we find support and inspiration to keep going when life gets tough. I know you understand..:)

    Anyway, it gives me a purpose and I feel those I've lost death's aren't in vain if I can somehow pass my knowledge on. Say a prayer for me. :)

    sending sunshine your way with love
    Diana x

  3. Diana, what a wonderful encounter! Sam arrived back in Australia today to a rousing welcome. She is a true champion who has done it tough on the journey to the top. Apparently she is 'hanging on' to the $1.5 million

  4. Chez, your message made me smile...I bet she is a local hero now!!!

    And nice prize money....by the sounds of who she is as a person, she deserves it!

    love to you, you are always in my thoughts
    Diana x

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