Friday, September 2, 2011

Happiness is a form of courage - Holbrook Jackson

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.  ~Robert Brault

Death teaches us about life.

It’s what makes us appreciate and treasure the small moments. It’s sad but true that sometimes, we have to experience something profound to teach us to be grateful and to keep striving to be happy.

This week Dempsey and her little girlfriends, her BFF’s taught me a bit about living in the moment and that being happy is about the simple things. With the start of the new school year brings new lessons to learn, not just for Demps! :)

Pool parties have been shelved for now, soggy swim suits and tinted goggles have been replaced with pencil cases and new rolling backpacks….the smell of chlorine swapped for the waxy smell of crayons. The new school year has finally arrived.

Watching Dempsey rip the plastic off her pristine pink folder, carefully write her name in cursive on her new lunch pail and zip up her backpack with such enthusiasm had me smiling. Just some simple moments that gave me pleasure and reminded me that life is but a fleeting moment….where has the time gone from when she was so tiny, and it was her  first day of kindergarten? And now she’s somehow stumbling into fourth grade!

Dempsey's first day of Kindergarten meeting the Principal

Monday morning Mother Nature greeted us with dew on the car windscreen and the late August air noticeably cooler.  Dempsey slipped her hand out the car window, waving it in the breeze on the way to school, animated and excited about seeing her best buds after a long Summer lay over……in her new dress!! :)

It was my reward as her mum to immerse myself in the schoolyard swarm of children that were humming like a hive full of bees.  And as I stood back and watched one after the other of her friends arrive, squealing and giggling and squeezing each other tight, without a worry in the world except for what clip to wear in their hair….I got a lesson!

To laugh often

To hug my friends deeply

To not take life too seriously

To be appreciative of those I love

To be open to new friends and be there for old ones

That we all build our own happiness in the moments we create…even if its on a patch of asphalt in a school yard

That compliments create smiles (well in kids anyway ;))

And that we can choose never to be too old to learn or be open to bloom, like the buds on the trees around the matter what life throws at us

Yes, the kids reminded me that happiness takes the sadness away….and while grief manages to peel back the layers and leave you exposed sometimes…it also sharpens our senses and strips the unimportant stuff away. It creates a vacuum for sucking up the good stuff and relishing in it.

The first day of school is the only day us parents are allowed to hang around the playground and gush and cry and turn into paparazzi parents!

I lingered as long as I could and watched my baby stand tall and march with her friends into fourth grade. On her way in, she looked back my way, smiled a shy smile as if to say “I’m fine Mummy” and blew me a kiss.

So with a sensory emotional overload I wandered back to my car…I thought about making choices to be happy…like the kids are….and stepping back to notice the big picture instead of getting caught up in the trivial stuff.

I also thought about our angel Savannah….how it would be her first day at Junior High…I let out a big sigh….and smiled….thinking, how she’d be beautiful and beaming and….wanting her Mamma to be happy too…..


  1. Oh Diana! As your beautiful Dempsey has been able to glide gracefully into school life in the fourth grade, I am wondering how long it will take her Mum to re-adjust,
    Demps is adorable and I get such a kick out of reading your posts Diana, knowing this is history in the making. Dempsey will have this record to reflect on into the future. We are all winners lovely lady xo

  2. Very true. Live everyday as if it were your last.

  3. Chez,

    Your comments always give me a warm smiley feeling, like I've just been hugged! THANK YOU!

    I'm glad you enjoy reading about my journey...yours is a reminder to me to be grateful and continues to inspire me.

    I hpoe one day Dempsey will enjoy reading how much love and joy she has brought into my life.

    Sending you love Chez, you are always in my thoughts.
    Diana x

  4. And Diplo Daddy...thanks for stopping by and for your wise words.

    It's father's day in Oz today so sending a Happy Father's Day to you in do a fab job!

    Diana x

  5. Great lesson! And you are right, our children want us to be happy as much as we want them to be happy!

  6. LK! So true...Dempsey loves to see her mummy happy and her happiness feeds my soul!

    Kids really are a product of their own environment.

    thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

    xx to you

  7. Demps looks so gorgeous in her new dress. I love how you are always learning from her. It is obvious she brings you much joy!! Savannah was looking down on you both, I'm sure!!

  8. Thanks Candice....Dempsey LOVES school, which is a blessing.

    I hope your gorgeous boy is enjoying his days learning new things.

    I always feel Savannah is around on special days like this always, she is never far from my thoughts.

    Thanks for leaving your beautiful ones...
    Diana x