Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Brought to you by the Letter H :)

Do you ever laugh until you cry….or cry until you laugh? Laughter is the B E S T medicine! I had a weekend, filled with belly aching laughs (no tears) and thanks to friends, I feel as if I’ve had my batteries topped up. Like I’ve been plugged into an electrical outlet and recharged, like my cell phone. I’m happy!

I typed the word “happy” into the online dictionary. This is what it said; “characterized by or indicative of pleasure, contentment, or joy: a happy mood; a happy frame of mind”   After the weekend, It’s like the happy train has pulled into my station and there’s an empty seat with my name on it.

So this morning I dissected the past few days so I could pinpoint the watchamacallit, or the thingamajig that’s caused my cheery mood. And after examining my weekend under the microscope, I realized its some simple things like laughter and fun friends that I have access to everyday…that I’ve had access to all along that have managed to fill up my blue cup with sunshine. What a difference a week makes! :)

Happy Hour around our back 'T' last Friday

Friday night, our regular get together was an unusually big one. We had loads of visitors around our back table…mostly people from Peter’s work, but it was multicultural, the seats taken up with visitors from Oz, different corners of the 50 states and some Japanese guests…and it was fun with a capital F!

The boys stood around the BBQ engaging in testosterone fuelled talk, while us girls huddled around our back table and talked about girlie stuff…..like our latest shoe purchases and our favorite cocktails and ‘boys!’ And it was almost as good as a girl’s night out! Compliments were buzzing around the table like mosquitoes on a hot summer night. I haven’t laughed so much in a long time….and it feels great.

My new bright cheery tea towel

My gorgeous friend Steph presented me with this cute colorful tea towel from Anthropologie…love their stuff! “I saw this and thought of you Dee.” Steph said. It’s only a tea towel, but to think Steph must’ve stood in that store, thought of me and decided to purchase this lovely hand sewn bit of cloth, made me feel special! I felt like she’d just given me an original Picasso….and I realized it’s these little things that anyone can pay forward to others, like a sincere compliment, that costs nothing……or an inexpensive gift that can create a ‘happy frame of mind’ for others like my friends did for me over the weekend.

Our friends visiting from Australia packed this in their suitcase for us…Milo…yummo! One of Dempsey and my favorite malted drink. You can sprinkle it on ice-cream or heap it into a cold glass of milk. It’s so Australian it felt like getting a hug from home.

Dempsey enjoyed a ride on the happy train too with a few laps around the block with Daddy on the scooter. She loved the wind in her hair and riding pillion with Peter….I stood waiting patiently for them with a smile on my face.

Demps and I enjoyed a bubble blowing morning…the bubbles reminding me that at any moment our perfect life or bubble can burst….however, its what you do with your time in between if it does happen to pop, or explode as to be the case with my family…. It’s how you can be happy, or find things that make you happy, or do things for others to bring them some sunshine if they need it that makes all the difference. I’ve learned that on my journey.

I’m going to make a conscious effort this week to pay it forward and put sunshine in someone else’s blue cup, whether it be through a compliment, a small gift, a hug or time spent with people I love.

So, all aboard the Happy Train, I’m hoping there’s one leaving your station that will have you barreling down the tracks of life.....through the dark tunnel where there’ll be a beaming bright light at the other end. That through your family or friends you can find an empty seat that’s just perfect for you!



  1. Oh Diana this is a beautiful post filled with sunshine, love and light and laughter. Just what the doctor ordered and the very thing that appears to be missing from my life at the moment.
    Thank you for making me smile on this otherwise 'bleak' day.
    Have just had my Milo and wondering if you also have Tim Tams and Vegemite♥?
    Big hiug for delightful Dempsey xo

  2. Dear Chez,

    Thanks for taking the time to leave this lovely message...I know your days are busy with your life at the moment...so please know I appreciated it! :)

    You always manage to make me smile...so I'm sending love and happy thoughts your way in hope of some good days ahead for you. I only have to think of you if I'm having an ordinary day to remember just how blessed I am!

    with lots of love my friend
    Diana x

  3. :)!!

    I hope your brother is having a speedy recovery.

  4. Hi gorgeous Crystal!

    Thanks for the smile :) and the thoughts about Mark....he's doing great!

    Hope to see you for a hug somewhere this year!!!

    You're family is never far from my thoughts,

    love Dee x

  5. Please contact me (Carol McKenna) I have a Blog Award on my blog for you ~ email me at artmusedogs@yahoo.com ~ thanks ~ this is all free ~ no strings attached ~

  6. Wow Carol...THANK YOU so much!

    Thats so exciting and inspiring to me....as is your blog! :)

    You've made my day today and have inspired me to 'keep writing' so thank you!

    with lots of love and gratitude

    Diana x