Monday, August 2, 2010

"Oh the Places You'll Go!

I've been thinking about the people who are reading my blog....I wonder who you are and what battle you are fighting, and whether your are winning your fight with grief or some other challenge in life.

I've had over 3,646 hits so far....which I find amazing, THANK YOU to all of you who are reading and supporting me, I hope my blog helps.  I also find it sad, but not surprising, that there are so many others like me who are travelling the same journey of grief or some sort of struggle.   It makes me wonder what other things I'll have to face in the future.........and that brings me to last night and the book Dempsey and I read, it was so symbolic to me.......also, to anyone travelling this unknown, crazy ride called life so I wanted to share.........

Every night, before Dempsey goes to bed we read three books on our sofa.  We cuddle up and I love listening to her comments and laughter at some of the stories...."David gets in trouble" is a favorite and she always laughs and points at the part where he forgets his undies!  She tries to con me into four books, but we settle on three.  I usually have to sift through an obstacle course of TV or Wii remotes, or a Pokemon toy as we squeeze together on a cushion, open a book and enjoy some simple time together.  I cherish these moments because I know in a few years she'll possibly grow out of this, so I make sure I relish in every second.

Anyway, last night we read the book "Oh the places you'll go," by Dr. Seuss.  A simple childrens book!  As I turned each page, the words had so much meaning, so much significance to me.....about the ebb and flow of life, the highs and lows, good and bad times we experience along the way.

And after suffering my tragedies, I know that life really is a lucky (or unlucky) dip, like when you were a child at a fair or a fete, and you are excited to reach into a barrel of prizes and pull out a brown paper bag where you hope you've chosen something you want.  And sometimes you get something totally unexpected, however, sometimes you are surprised and you learn to love and appreciate what you've been given.

Yes, random things happen that are out of our control, like losing a loved one.  However, we do have the power to choose our attitude and appreciation for what we do have in life.  And over time you do begin to realize that you can get through any hardship you meet along your journey.....and find within you a strength you didn't know existed.

"Oh the places you'll go" is about life lessons, and how challenges can be overcome.......even when times are tough and you can't see past your sorrow and tears and frustration and how finally you'll come to a place where you feel you can move mountains with determination and support.

 And I think that's one gift grief does give you....the ability to know that anything is possible and that you have to accept that life isn't a dress hurry up and do the things you want to do, follow your dreams and try new things.  And this has helped me grow into a new person, almost like I've shed my old shell and become someone else....and I have, at the expense of travelling to places I never dreamed of.  But it has made me a better person, even if it has come at the highest price.

So go out and borrow or buy "Oh the places you'll go!"  Put it away somewhere, and when you have a hard day or start to see light at the end of your tunnel, read Dr. Seuss's words and know that one day, maybe not today, but one day in the not too distant future you will have sunshine again in your blue cup and that you can conquer any mountain!  That you will grow and realize that life is a mosaic of colors and experiences that over time will mould you and teach you that success in life sometimes means simply being able to survive adversity and smile again!

PS;  Believe it or I was outside taking the above photos a fluffy white feather floated down from the sky....I grabbed my camera and took this photo.....I like to believe its a sign from one of my loved ones today!


  1. Just beautiful! I cherish your words. They serve as a reminder to me, as I move forward, that when I make that choice, to smile, be a good person and continue to raise Payton and put one foot in front of the other, that I AM doing the right thing. As well as being "okay" with allowing myself to feel bad sometimes and even angry. <3 you!

  2. Thanks for your comment Crystal. Yes, somedays we just need to take baby steps, even one foot forward, two steps back when travelling down this unknown road of grief and life.

    Love to you and your lovely family....hope you enjoyed "Oh the places you'll go" I know there are lots more 'places' I'll be travelling to that are unknown but as you said, making choices in the right direction helps.
    Sending a hug,
    Dee x