Friday, April 30, 2010

Some signs from heaven to help you 'BELIEVE'

Anyone who has lost a loved one is always searching for a 'SIGN' from heaven....something, anything that will help them 'believe' that their lost ones are around....that they somehow know we miss them. 

After losing three of my family members I now BELIEVE and take comfort in the signs I find hard to accept are just a coincidence. 

For a long time after my sister died I waited for 'a sign', something from her to tell me she was ok, that her spirit was around.  I waited for pictures to fall off walls, or to see her ghost in the hallway....I now know these aren't the signs we should be looking for.  It's the little things we need to notice, and I've had many. 

These are just a few..........................

After my sister Tarnia died I kept seeing something move out the corner of my eye, like a flash, like someone was in the room with me, it happend for maybe two months, then, as suddenly as it started it stopped.  I even considered going to an eye doctor it was so annoying.  Just after it stopped my friend Sally called me.  She knew my sister,  and told me I was going to think that she was crazy....then she went on to explain that in the weeks after Tarnia's death she too had this flickering experience.  I instantly got goosebumps as I hadn't shared my experience with her.  I like to believe it was Tarnia!

Since then, I've had so many 'signs', that I smile now when they happen.

The morning after Savannah died I opened our back sliding door to a tiny feather, white with splashes of gold in it, like her hair.....drifting down to greet me.  I looked up and all around to see if there were birds, or a nest, there was nothing, just this tiny, dainty, fluffy feather, floating to my feet.   They say feathers are a sign from heaven and it since then, alot of times on a hard day, I see a feather lying in my path......a coincidence maybe?

Then there's butterflies, and hummingbirds, they say these are messengers from the other side, sent to deliver a message.  I once had a hummingbird fly within a few inches of my face, and just hover, staring at me, humming and I know you are smiling now, thinking I'm crazy to believe such things....BUT, that same day, my brother was visiting us in America from Australia.  A few hours after this happened to me, he rushed into the kitchen saying " won't believe what just happened....this weird looking bird just flew straight at me and hovered near my face, then flew off!"  We don't have hummingbirds in Australia so you can imagine his surprise.  Mark doesn't believe in signs but when I told him he, like me, wondered if it was our Mom delivering her love, happy, that her two children were together.

I've had songs that mean something only to me, come on the radio when I'm blue, butterflies land on me and found dimes(which they say are pennies from heaven, a sign from a loved one!), feathers, and dreams.

Savannah's favorite song came on the loud speaker at the supermarket a few days after she died, while I was pushing my cart around the deserted aisles, lost in my had to be her!!!!!  I take comfort in these tiny messages that others think are just coincidences!

And that tiny feather, the gift I got from Savannah the day after she died.....I carry everywhere with me, its in a secret pocket in my wallet, tucked away behind my favorite photo of her.  It's a constant reminder to 'BELIEVE!"

So look for the little things, and take comfort in them.....I'd love to hear what yours are?

Now, when my bladder wakes me at night and I stumble to the bathroom in total darkness, I still look outside, hoping and dreaming that one day I'll see a little shadow with curls running around our garden.....

PS:  Just as I'm sitting here typing this, a pretty white butterfly is flitting around our yard! :)  I hope this post will bring you some comfort, or a smile, or some sunshine in your blue cup today! x


  1. I love your feather and your believe in the signs that are around us all the time...if only we open our hearts to them.


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  2. Thanks for your comment Missy.....yes, I think they are around and like you said, we need to open our hearts and believe!

    Hope your day is filled with sunshine Missy:) x

  3. While questioning God I asked for a sign, and almost as soon as the thought, a beautiful "white" butterfly fluttered near my face...Miss you Jameson, my sweet boy.

  4. Dear Anonymous

    I'm sure the sign you described is your beautiful boy Jameson sending you a comforting message to 'believe'. I wish you strength and sunshine on your journey.

    With love
    Diana x

  5. Hi Diana,
    I've been reading through your blog, as I found it through "Grief, Interrupted", and this post is wonderful. I'm a big believer in afterlife communication, and love to see others getting their "signs" as well.

    Perhaps one big sign here was when I moved in with my on/off partner, who was widowed at only 28 years old. Before I moved in I'd mentioned wanting to read the book "High Fidelity" as I love the film. I'd also been feeling very wary of his late girlfriend "accepting" me in his life, if she would be ok with it. After I moved in he was going through some boxes of her books, and on the top of one of them - "High Fidelity". He said he didn't even know she'd had it, that he'd not heard of it at all until I made him watch the film!

    There was the sign that it was fine for me to be here!

    Anyway of course I found this post months late, and I know today is Thanksgiving in the USA - so happy Thanksgiving to you, and thank YOU for your lovely blog!


  6. Dear Kate,

    Wow, I think you are right and you've had a definate sign that you've been 'accepted', I always think there is no such thing as a coincidence and your example is another example of just that.

    Thank you for leaving a message it means a lot to me...and for sharing your experience. I hope my blog can bring you a bit of comfort on your journey.
    with love
    Diana x

  7. Hello Diana;

    I am sorry for the loss of your sister, mother and for your daughter Savannah, for us it was our son Billy who crossed over to heaven on June 26 2004. I would like to share our website with you which is in honor of our son Billy. There you can read our story and view a few pages of the type of signs that we have been able and continue to receive from Billy. Our favorite are the heart-shaped images of the moon and street lights. I love the feather with the gold on it, amazing.

    Have a great day

  8. Dear Guy,

    Thanks for your compassion regarding my losses...after reading your blog I know you understand. I'm sorry you have lost your son Billy.

    I checked out your blog and can't believe the spirit and orb photos you've captured.....I have also captured some in a few of the photos on some of these postings here...if you look at my "Another Trip Around the Sun" post, which was my birthday, you will see one in the corner of the photo I took...also there are 4 other orb pics in amongst this blog.

    I find these signs comforting to those of us who are left without our loved ones.

    The feelings you described after the shock of Billy's death I also felt after my sister Tarnia I hope for some good days ahead for you and comfort in your many memories and photos of Billy.

    with love
    Diana x

  9. Hi Diana,

    Thank you for sharing your signs with us. My daughter gained her wings on March 10, 2011. The day before Easter I had a bunny sitting in my backyard. I beleive that it is a sign from Isabella (my daughter) letting my know that I need to acknoledge the holiday. Everyday i pray for her to send me a sign to let me know that she is okay. Thank you for sharing your positive messages with us. Please feel free to visit my blog

  10. Dear Marissa,

    I am deeply sorry for your loss. Your grief must be so raw and painful.

    Thank you for sharing your sign from Isabella...I'm sure you had a visit by what you wrote.

    Look for the little things that can't just be a coincidence and take comfort in them. Believe it or not, as I was just posting my latest blog a hummingbird buzzed right up to my face. I like to believe it was Savannah saying "Happy Easter Mummy!"

    I will visit your blog, I'd love to see a photo of your angel Isabella!

    With love
    Diana x

  11. Beautiful ButterflyMay 21, 2011 at 7:17 PM

    I would like to share my beautiful sign I recaived just today, my beautiful Mohter passed away this past week on May 17th "2011" my heart was broken she was my rock and the one who just gave me so much love and made me feel so loved, all week I was feeling so empty and overcome with sadness, today we had a private family burial for my Mom, the morning was so cloudy and looked like it would rain but at 10 am. the time her burial service started the sun bursted bright, after a few prayers were said by a local minister and then a blessing was said by the Father of our Catholic church as soon as he said Amen a beautiful butterfly landed right on my hand,I have never seen a butterfly like this ever in my life it was a silky black color and had small spots of rainbow colors, it stayed on me for a couple of minutes and walked up my hand to my wrist, alot of people witnessed this and everyone said thats your sign that I had been praying for all week needing to know if my Mom was happy and okay in heaven with God. Everyone was in awe of this butterfly landing right on my hand I was standing in the middle of all my brothers and sisters. As soon as it landed on my hand I could feel my Mothers love filling my heart and felt all the happiness she is feeling now with God. I am so grateful for this sign I had prayed all week for a sign, and also asked my Mom to please send me a sign so that I knew she was happy and okay, I am feeling so much better now and feel her so close to me. Thankyou for letting me share this beautiful sign I got today with you all, also everyone today said they had never ever witness what happened to me today and everyone was in amazement, I am so happy knowing she is happy and with God. All my love, Cheryl

  12. Dear Cheryl,

    I'm deeply sorry for your loss...Mom's are irreplaceable and I don't think we ever stop missing them.

    Your story game me goosebumps...amazing, the butterfly for sure was your loved Mom sending you a message to 'believe' that she's ok and that she knows how you are feeling. It sounds as if you have been given some comfort from this visit.

    Even though we can't physically ever see our loved ones again, I do believe they can hear us and they know when we need them. Thank you so much for sharing your story, it is another sign to me that our loved ones are around...I'm sure your story will bring many others comfort, as it has done for me today.

    With much appreciation and love,
    Diana x

  13. My Mom passed away a few weeks ago and before she went she asked my oldest brother if he would let her go, he told her as much as he wanted her to stay he would let her go, he ask her to give him a sign she was in Heaven and she told him it would be a butterfly, on the day of my Mom's service there was a white butterfly and many other butterflies flying around and it was such a beautiful day after we left the cemetary we met at the firehall and the field beside the fire house was filled with hundreds of butterflies. We took that as a sign our Mom is happy in Heaven..

  14. Dear Anonymous,

    I'm sorry for your loss....Mom's are so special and are never replaced. I still miss my mum after 8 years.

    Thank you for leaving your lovely comment. You definately received a sign from her I think. There are so many documented cases of signs with butterflies, I've had them even land on me.

    I hope you take comfort in these little messages from heaven. I'm sure your mum will be around to watch over you if you look for the little things like butterflies, hummingbirds, pennies, songs and coincidences that make you 'believe.'

    Sending a hug in this message,
    love Diana x

  15. Dear Diana,
    Its hard to read because the tears are flowing down my face. My daughter read your letter to me and was amazed at all the things you were saying. Ive been telling her all along the same exact thing. Dimes,baby feathers from nowhere, hummingbirds and butterflies.She is now a believer because of you.My only son was murdered 3 yrs ago, he had just turned 20.He went out with a girl he just met and her ex-boyfriend chased him in a car shooting until he killed him. Yes Diana, you are a blessing on a very gloomy day. God bless you

  16. Dear Anon,

    I am so sorry to hear about your very tragic. I imagine your grief is overwhelming at times.

    I know with a shock death the grief is so intense. I know when my sister was killed it was difficult for me to comprehend for a long heart goes out to you.

    I think after you lose a loved one you look for signs from them and there are many....I find these signs bring me comfort. Just a few weeks ago on my birthday a song I sand to our daughter came on the radio....I take notice of these signs and they bring me comfort. And on days when I'm missing my loved ones, a feather may just appear in my I do 'believe.'

    I once had a psychic tell me some things about my mum and our daughter that she couldn't have known so I take comfort that their spirit is around.

    Thank you for your story and've given me comfort today and inspire me with your story.

    Sending a hug in this message and I hope your days get better and you find comfort in the signs and your memories of your son.

    with love
    Diana x

  17. Hi Diana,

    It's taken me awhile to finally read your post. It's hard as you know. Well I'm glad I did. I'm amazed by all the similar things I have experienced with signs that I feel are from my Dad. I also experienced the lights flashing one late night while watching tv all by myself. I would turn to see what it was and it would stop. Like you said it was in the peripheral vision. I thought maybe. Come to check where it was coming from and there was a photo hanging on the wall of my Dad. Ohhh gave me the chills in a good way. Defintely, the birds singing, songs on the radio and pennies. That's definitely a happy day for me when I spot these signs. Thanks for writing and sharing your blog. My friend Michele M. just loss her 4 month old baby girl and I shared your blog with her. I hope one day she can one day read it and heal as well. Take care! <3 =) Nancy K.

  18. Nancy!

    I'm so glad you had the courage to visit my's hard sometimes I know to face grief, but by working through it, you heal.

    You have most certainly had a visit from your dad, wow...I hope that brought you comfort. I know when it happened to me I thought it was 'too weird' for it not to mean anyting.

    Your dad is around...just look for the little signs and take comfort in them. It takes a long time to believe our loved ones have gone and signs are something that help....thanks for sharing yours with me.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your friends daughter...she must be in shock at the moment. It will be a long time before she will want to read anything but I'm glad you shared my blog...thank you...I know through losing a child that over time, reading other people's journeys of loss and survival do help.

    Sending a hug Nancy, I often think of you!
    Diana x

  19. Diana
    A friend on facebook showed me this site. I recently lost my 25 year old disabled daughter. It totally crushed my world and in this month I have been looking for signs from her. I wonder if Iam trying to hard or it's just not time. I am sure she is finally out of pain but I just want to know she is okay it is weighing hard on my heart. I have read your post and it makes me really pay more attention to my surrounding. You are a inspiration and I Thank you.

  20. Dear Johna,

    I'm so sorry to hear your daughter died. Your grief must be overwhelming as it is so fresh. My daughter was very disabled too when she died and I know 'your new life' is probably a lot different now....all I wanted was to have Savannah back. Your identity changes after they are gone, especially after you've cared for a child who depends on your for everything. I'm sorry for you. x

    Look for the little things Johna, things that may seem like a coincidence, like butterflies, dragonflies, pennies, a song she loved...there will be things that you will notice and think "no, that couldnt be." Feathers are another thing that I find in my path sometimes, or floating in the air. I'm sure your daughter will somehow let you know she is around somehow.

    I know I wanted some huge sign from my loved ones but now know its in the little things where I find coincidences.

    I would love to hear from you when you discover something from her.

    Your journey ahead will be a hard one, and from my experience you never stop missing your child...however, that overwhelming pain does lessen as the tears and love of others start to heal your heart. I know at the moment you probably can't see your life ever being the same again...and it isn't...but you will realize the gift of having had your daughter for 25 years and what she taught you.

    Mums of disabled children are so special and deal with so much. I'm sure you insprie so many others with how you cared for your daughter.

    Thank you for sharing and I think you are so brave for visiting my blog and leaving your comment. I know reading what others have been through has helped me survive.

    Sending a hug and love to you,
    Diana x

  21. Dear Diana,
    on May 5, 2005, my uncle committed suicide, I received the devastating phone call from the mortician,in disbelief I fell to my knees. on the day we buried my uncle, my brother found a dime and penny, we placed them under an angel at the cemetary, from that day on many of my family members have found 11 cents at a time (a dime & a penny) until I read your blog today, I could not understand, so thank you for helping me believe again.

  22. My Mom passed away six years ago, January 12, 2006. The worst day of my life and still is. But what happened in the few days following her death has given me the peace of heart to know that life does go on. Two days after her death, while at the funeral home my sisters and I along with my father chose the song " your heart goes on" by Ceien Deon--the Titanic Theme song. After we had finished with that task, I had to go back to my home about 200 miles away to get some clothes and other items to return for the funeral. My sister and middle daughter accompanied me on this journey. As darkness overtook the skys, I had to take an individual back to a treatment center and asked my Sister and Daughter to accompany me. They were not happy but agreed to go with me. When we were turning into the parking lot, the child with us said. " OH my gosh you guys, look at the heart in the sky!" We all looked up to find a giant heart tilted on its side eliminated by the moon. It was the outline of a heart made of clouds and the center and surrounding sky was black - but eluminated by the moon. It was glowing as to say, I am ok and love you. We all just knew it was a sign from my Mom and to this day beleive it was. At her funeral the pastor told everyone of the Heart in the Sky and that we are all bound by the heart forever and ever. Since that time, there have been numerous hearts and I am always on the lookout for the signs she sends to us, and they are always tilted hearts. Heart to Heart

  23. Thank you for your post. I am glad you find comfort in these signs and gifts from your loved ones.
    My sweetheart of almost 4 years, Tom, passed away on March 15, 2013, 2 weeks after I was last with him, and only 1 month after his 57th birthday.
    I knew he was still with me the night I heard of his death, and received a surprise gift of a significant sum of money from another recently departed friend! He sent me a song, "Angel On My Shoulder" by Natalie Cole, and I knew it was from him, because I was at the bank depositing my other friend's gift and that was the first song I noticed playing overhead in their muzak system. I'd been there for over 15 minutes by then, and had heard several songs, but only noticed "Angel On My Shoulder". And I knew it was Tom!
    Minutes later at the train station I saw a dime and a quarter on the floor at a corredor in which I stood to talk to another concerned friend.
    I asked him to appear in my dreams, and he did, imparting to me a significant message I've since shared with another friend.
    Although I appreciate these "signs from above/heaven/our deceased loved ones", I find the most helpful and comforting is going within.
    Whenever I miss Tom, I stop, go inside, and I talk to him, or I pray or meditate. What's most helpful is when I remember that he's gone, and that he and I both enjoyed life and living so much, as complex and flawed as we are or were. It comforts me to know I don't need to cling to him all the time, although I allow myself to need him when I do. I am helped by my positive memories of him, the good times he and I had, healing times, fun, spiritual, and pleasurable times.
    I am awed by his lifelong generosity and I've learned many lessons and received many gifts from Tom. These are all things I can choose to continue in my life. As time goes on, I am embodying the spirit of every good thing he did for me and others. I am so grateful I had 4 years with him and was there for the last 4 years of his life.
    I'm still open to signs from, and I still communicate with Tom.
    And I really appreciate this forum in which to share my love for, appreciation, and remembrance of him.
    Thank you again, and for all who posted also :-)

    With comforting condolences for a peaceful heart,

    Cassendre Xavier

  24. my grandad died and i was really sad i thought couldnt it be someone else everyday i go to the cementery and i talk to him i am still looking for a sighn

  25. MY GRANDMA DIED i was shatterd i also go to the cementery to see her and talk to her now all i can do is pray and remember the memories

  26. Hello, I am so sorry for your loss. All in 36 months. Just so sad and shocking. My son had leukemia for six years and along the way had many life threatening health issues. He was sick for ten years of his life. One year later, his youngest sibling was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She now has severe learning disabilities and a very compromised immune system. Two years ago her sister was murdered at the age of 19. We miss her so dearly. I have been so traumatized it is hard to function. I am a positive person but sometimes it is hard just to live after all this. I never knew it was going to take more than two years to get strong again and I still have my days. My heart goes out to all of you who has lost someone or several....

  27. I just found this site and Oh My God... Thank you it was soooo helpful.. About 3 years ago me and my ex boyfriend broke up but before then he told me if we ever part we should keep in touch because it will be hurtful to find out that one of us pass without the other one knowing well sadly it came to pass... Monday October 6, 2014 would have been his birthday so I got on Facebook to look for him but when I did I only seen status of people remembering him and R.I.P statues and my heart dropped so I immediately start gooling his name and searching for his cause I knew it couldn't be true and soon as I did his picture and obituary popped up and I broke down just to find out he been dead 4 months ago!!! But what made me search for him was because he had been on my mind so heavy and I didn't know why and on his birthday I was exercising and every now and then it was like I kept seeing someone out the corner of my eye down the hallway and it was creepy cause I was here alone with my neice and nephew and we all was in one room together.

  28. Days after I found out about his passing I asked for a sign from God that he made it to heaven and that he was okay he prayed everyday and was a strong believer in Christ and was a positive and motivating person but was not perfect and didn't quite live the life as he should so I just wanted to know did he make it. Well this Tuesday I was shopping at Walmart and it was like he was talking to me and a light shined so bright over me and I could hear a voice saying God Got Me I had goosebumps because every time he was going through something he would always say GOD got me.