Friday, May 18, 2012

Coloring each others stories..... x

Welcome to any new readers who may have found my blog from Kelle Hampton''s an honor to have you stop by and read my Diana x

Everyone has a story….

Thursday at Dempsey’s school was Author Day! And I learnt some important lessons from Fourth Graders! :)

The kids got to write a book and illustrate it based around the fairy tale Cinderella. Dempsey’s was titled, “Pupperella.”

Mums and Dad’s were invited to Author Day…to sit with their child out in the fresh air and listen to their little one's story.

I sat on a small concrete wall with Demps as she smiled shyly and opened her book.

And to be honest, my mind was thinking of all the things I had to get done at home, how I’d naughtily hidden my dirty roasting pan in the oven…about Dempsey’s piano lesson that afternoon and how she hadn’t practiced…instead of stopping and enjoying the moment with my daughter….

Until Dempsey checked me on it....
”Mummy! Are you ready, are you listening?”

And it reminded me to stop!

To slow down and be present and savor this magical moment that I, as her Mama, have the privilege to enjoy.

It made me realize that once we understand this stuff is food for our souls…we take it all in. For that moment I shared with my daughter is now a memory…I can’t get it back again.

And its things like this that teach me to be present and to enjoy the experiences because they feed my spirit.  I felt overwhelmed at how lucky and blessed I am….sitting uncomfortably on that wall! :)

I find when I make a concerted effort to be present, I take everything in. I look around and see and feel and it physically tops up my happy bank…it’s when you discover the sunshine! :)

Yes, these moments awaken me, it’s called being present….and it is a present, a gift…to be able to slow down and consciously do this.

I looked around the playground at the other mother’s, sitting closely with their kids, reading…and listening, and I wondered if they ‘feel’ this stuff…if they know how truly lucky they are? I hope so….

Watching the other kids rush off to grab one of their friend’s books, eager and excited about reading each others story opened my eyes to how we can all be interested in each others lives.  To encourage one another….

We are all an integral part of each others stories, each others life….more than we know….and we can influence how each others chapters play out.

I only had to read Dempsey’s BFF Marlee’s dedication…written by the hand of a wise 10 year old, to teach me that’s it’s important to be there for one another…

"This book is dedicated to my Best Friend Dempsey because she is always there for me."

And sometimes, when I line up at Walmart with my shopping trolley brimming with groceries, I look around at the other people in the queue…wondering what their stories are?

Wondering what challenges they face or how they fill their days...and...I smile at them if they catch me!! :)

Yes, everyone has a story….

Sometimes I wish I could re-write a few of my chapters…but I can’t…..I can only learn from them and take these lessons into each new chapter I am gifted with…every single day.

Alone in my joy, sitting on that uncomfortable wall, I realized, it’s up to me to add color and meaning and joy and fun stuff to my days ahead… Dempsey has done in her book….

P.S; I've written my story...a journey of how I survived the loss of my sister Tarnia, my mum and our 4 year old beautiful daughter Savannah...I hope one day I can publish it to help others to know you can find beauty again....and choose a happy ending.... :) x


  1. So true!! And once we've enjoyed a moment of happiness, it becomes a memory, but this memory builds us and adds up to all the other memories we have. We can make the most of this present, and stash away this present in our heart, as the 'present' that it is. Then we have a treasure trove with us all the least as long as we can keep our memories! Wishing you loads of beautiful moments like this one you mentioned :)

  2. Even with Graham's limited speech, he calls me out for not being present. The other day, I was "helping" him with a puzzle. Truth be told, I was not helping, he was doing it himself. So when he wanted to do the same puzzle again, I said sure, while reaching for my laptop to surf around while we completed Round 2. Graham says, "Mommy all done computer." So, what was I to do? I closed my laptop of course!

  3. Dear Valerie,

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your sound very wise! :)

    Our memories sustain us when we need them I think...I'm always grateful that each day I'm here to make new ones!

    Sending sunshine your way
    Diana x

  4. Lovely Candice...

    I love hearing your stories about Graham...children have that lovely gift of making us see whats important, and it is usually just our time...something so simple.

    Give your 2 littlies a hug from me!
    Diana x

  5. I found your blog through Enjoying the Small Things by Kelle Hampton. Wow! Very inspiring. I enjoyed reading it, albeit it was a very teary read...

  6. Hi Spiritedmama!

    Thanks for leaving a comment and for you kind words. I hope my blog inspires all sorts of people, even ones who don't face maybe quite the challenges I do.

    I've learnt everyone has struggles, and in their world they may just be as big as mine.

    I hope you also found some happy posts in amongst the teary ones.

    I'll look forward to checking out your blog.
    Diana x

  7. There were lots of happy tears too. To see how you have overcome all the grief and how you are appreciating life. We all have our struggles but it's good to have gentle reminders to enjoy life.