Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Turning can into DID!

The old saying “storm in a tea cup” (or storm in a blue cup) summed up my week.

My anxiousness and speculating on how I would face some challenges last week turned out to be not only unfounded but reminded me life is all about choices and being open to any outcomes…... Mine were more than I could’ve hoped for.

Today, when I sat down at the computer, fingers on keys, ready to write, I unwrapped a candy that I usually munch on while tapping away…..the quote on the wrapper was like a little message from Mum, reminding me that you can do anything or conquer any adversity you put your mind to. (one of her favorite quotes)

Friday, our precious baby girl turned 9!

Dempsey's birthday party

At 7am she rushed into our bedroom to find the bed covered in gifts…I soaked up every single second of watching her rip open her brightly wrapped presents.

And I know birthdays aren’t about material things, but they are if you’re 9! :)

I saved a few quiet moments to reminisce on what was going on in our lives when she was born and on her first birthday….Savannah was still alive, but very ill, and the challenges we faced back then were massive compared to those I face today….but they’re all relative I’ve learned.

Dempsey's 1st birthday with Savannah's bed and medical pump in the photo....how things are different now

It’s hard to believe all that’s happened to our family since Dempsey graced our life… …who’s missing now.

It made me contemplate how far we’ve come on this journey and how IT and Dempsey has taught me every day should be cherished and never taken for granted.

Dempsey even got her first bunch of flowers delivered.....

So many people sent messages for our Demps, I felt such an overwhelming sense of love and support that I couldn’t possibly even try to put it into words.  The time people took to send her a message made me lose sleep…but in a good way.

And then of course my friend Vicki arrived… We haven’t hung out since we were essentially 16 years old. And as the doorbell chimed I raced to answer it, nervous and excited all rolled into one big emotional “HI VICK!”

Vicki was beaming…with a huge smile and open arms and a hug that almost broke a rib!  

Over her shoulder I spotted Bonnie..her 12 year old daughter, wow, she is breath taking. 

I hugged her too…..for just a bit longer than I should’ve and I was....OK.  I was ok about getting to know her and accepting that I'll never know about Savannah, but maybe I'll have the honor of learning from Bonnie.  Even Vicki's hubby Michael and son Alex embraced me...it was a first for all of us.

For the next few hours, Dempsey bonded with Vicki’s kids, taking it in turns to swing the hula hoop and teaching them how to jump noisily on her pogo stick. 

We talked non stop over chilled champagne about the missing years, we laughed with mouthfuls of pizza about growing up - about;

- Converting her lounge room into the 1980 Moscow Olympic stadium and pretending to be Nadia Comaneci….

- Picking out our first bra, which were padded of course!

- Waiting to see who would get their period first, which for some weird reason we name “Fred”

- Going on 3 day shopping trips to the big city with my mum

- Who were the hot boys in high school….and where they are now, and, which ones aren’t bald ;)

- How my mum loved her like a daughter

- And sleep over’s in tents in sheep paddocks and staying up until the sun came up

- And Tarnia.....

- We even talked with tears about Savannah.....

The whole night fed my spirit, to remember with someone who knew my family when I was growing up.  It nourished my soul...and, put a few more laugh lines around our eyes. :)

We tried to get a photo of just the two of us as the kids kicked up leaves and sprinted around our yard playing tag behind us...

Each shot had one of the kids in the background..what a challenge, but a funny one….we laughed until our sides hurt.

And my other worry…Dempsey’s sleep over…well that went perfectly.

She was one of the last kids awake! (just like her mother :))

When I phoned her at 9.30 pm, I could hear the happiness in her voice…. “We’re watching an American Girl movie, and I’m staying up for the midnight snack Mummy!” She said.  And she did, and loved it….she like me, overcoming a new experience on her little journey through life….

I like to think this could be Savannah instead of Bonnie standing gorgeously beside Demps....and I love the message on Bonnie's shirt.

I also know, I can successfully tick off two more challenges I’ve faced on my journey.....   And proudly say, this week, “I turned CAN do into can DID!"

It's all part of the process..... :)


  1. There's nothing like an old friend, is there??

    And your daughter is gorgeous. Happy birthday to her! : )

  2. Loribeth,

    Thanks for this lovely positive message. I've had a great time with my old BFF...it's lovely to have history with people.

    Thank you too for your wishes to our Demps....she is such a happy little girl, I am very lucky.

    with love
    Diana x