Saturday, February 27, 2010

No time like the present!

Well, I've finally done it...I've been procrastinating about it for so long now, worried about a theme, and who, if anyone would be interested in what I here goes!

A bit about why I write and who I am and why getting down my thoughts will be so me anyway! :) While umming and arring over doing this blog, a funny thing happened, I received an email from a stranger that had read some writing I have published on the Internet, encouraging me to keep here I am.....thanks to Glenna...whoever you are!

I'm a mom of two beautiful little girls although only one is here with us. Our oldest daughter Savannah died at the age of four and a half, six years ago. It still feels like yesterday.

The death of a child certainly changes your soul, your world and whats important in life. I feel I've had two live's...the one before September 2000 and the one after. In the one before I was living a fairytale existence, married to the man of my dreams and doting over an adorable curly haired little baby girl. Innocent and carefree of any sort of loss or challenges in my life.

Then my life became an out of control roller coaster, sending me from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows...and there was NO getting off!

Within 3 years I lost three of the most important people in my sister, then my mother and finally, incomprehensibly, my daughter Savannah.....all to different deaths. Looking back, I don't know how I survived. I still have people today ask me how I get out of bed everyday......this has inspired me to write my take on life.

Sometimes this space may be filled with inspiration, sometimes just crazy tit bits, sometimes an insight into how an everyday mom survives some tough days and sometimes my outlook on things stirred with a bit of fun....but most of all I want it to inspire others to realize that you can face any challenge and survive...even become a better person sometimes because of hardship. I want to remind people to look at the joy the little things in life can bring you.

I want to write about my everyday comings and goings which I find to be miracles and how my family and friends have become one of my survival tools and give me a reason to smile again.

Then there is Dempsey...our other daughter who is 7, who is healthy, who wakes every morning with a happiness that is contagious, who skips through the gate at school everyday, leaving me smiling...and shaking my head as I drive away. Who has the biggest cutest dimples that are a gift from God, who is ALIVE, who is my world, my reason for getting out of bed everyday....she is my HOPE, my joy, my Sunshine in a Blue Cup!

I hope in reading what I write you can find YOUR sunshine, or some sunshine, or a smile, no matter how blue things get :)

Welcome friend! x