Thursday, June 10, 2010

Believing in psychics and coincidences!

The strangest things have happened the past two days which makes me wonder if my family members who are no longer here are trying to contact me and let me know my wish of visiting a psychic is about to come true........its so bizarre that I just posted about this!

It all started yesterday when a friend, whom I love dearly, contacted me to say they were thinking of Savannah because it will be her birthday soon, also that they had read my blog and that it reminded them not to sweat the small stuff in life. I was so grateful they had shared their thoughts with me, it reinforced to me again that even though Savannah isn't here, because of her death, she continues to inspire others. It was also an opportunity to talk about my gorgeous little girl who I miss so much.

So this is where it gets interesting......tonight, on our way to dinner, Savannah's special song that I would sing to her, which she loved, titled Landslide, came on the radio in the car.  It made me smile, and wonder if she was in on the conversation about her yesterday.

Play Me! :)

Then, while sitting at Red Robin Restaurant with Dempsey, gorging on a hamburger my sisters song came on the speakers, one that I've heard twice now in the past month, drowning out the noise of the other diners, and making me wonder. And then tonight, with Demps finally in bed, I was channel surfing and came across a show about a psychic. "What a coincidence!" I thought.

I watched this show with goosebumps, the psychic was amazing, knowing how each of her guests loved ones had passed away and seeming to know how the guest was feeling. I wished I could somehow will myself off our comfortable couch and through the TV, onto her show for a reading. :)

So just now, I did a google search on this psychic and they are LOOKING for guests on her upcoming show, get this, IN THE LAST WEEK OF JUNE, Savannah's week! Here in California!

So I've just sat here in the darkness, with my laptop, with trembling hands, typing out my story to ask if she will read makes me wonder?

God knows I have enough beloved family members on the other side, that if possible, can make this happen. We'll see if my instincts are right and I'm about to get a gift for my baby's birthday on the 30th of June............stay tuned ........... :)


  1. Thank you for sharing Savannah's song. :) You sound really excited about the possibility of going to a phsychic. I hope it works out. If you're going to be in LA or Burbank (or let me know if you find out where they tape the show), let me know. I would love to treat you to dinner and have some girl-time. Fingers crossed!

  2. Hey Crystal,

    Haven't heard anything yet but I still have 'hope' that I'll get some news soon. If not maybe I'll just seek one out myself :)

    I'll let you know for sure if it happens and would LOVE to catch up with you again.

    I've been thinking about you alot and send a big hug to you....dee x