Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thankful for...............

Life after loss is certainly different.  Especially after the death of a child. 

For a long time the world loses its beauty and meaning.  

But then, one morning, the tears won't come straight away and it'll be like someone has waved a magic will wake up and notice the sun seems warmer and brighter than it was. You’ll hear, really hear the birds chirping as music to your ears…and you’ll wonder why you never noticed before.

I call these things the ‘gift of grief.’ A new appreciation for the little things in life. This week, these are just a few moment’s captured on film I’m thankful for……...

Last week I had the privilege of watching my baby get her first ever trophy for third spot in the School Spelling Bee! 

My heart felt like it would burst as I watched my daughter stand tall, and humbly walk to the stage and collect the trophy that was half the size of her!

 My beaming smile could’ve lit the school auditorium. 

I wish I could bottle the pride I felt as her Mamma…and there were no tears. :)  
Needless to say, the trophy has become her new bed buddy and hasn't left her side since she got it!  

Dempsey has become obsessed with playing tennis in our street. Peter or me volley the ball up and down the road to her.

And after watching our other daughter Savannah lose so many of her physical abilities, one by one, watching Dempsey swing a racket at a small green ball is gratifying. I never take it for granted.

And if she manages to connect the ball with the racket, it’s a giggle fest……and a “Stop taking photos Mummy!”

After slogging the ball up and down our street and dodging the neighboorhood cars, I caught Demps outside giving herself her first mani pedi…

Her effort made me laugh....however, I don’t think it’ll be a career choice for her! :)

And with easter bunny busy assembling his delicious chocolate treats for easter, I couldn’t resist filling our lolly jar with sweet foil covered delights!  Every once in a while we need to indulge in of the most therapeutic things I know if I’m having a debbie downer day! 

Dempsey was patiently waiting for me to rip open the lid…… 

And these little beauties which Dempsey arranged….

How can they not make you say awwwwwwwwwwwwwww?  Uber cute right?  They look as if any minute, they are about to start chirping…….

I took this with my iphone while shopping…..

Dempsey appeared from amongst the coat hangers of a clearance rack I was perusing inside Marshalls with a “Look Mummy, this is for you!”  Oh how lucky I am…….

Sometimes we forget to smile or its difficult.....  However we can often find reminders in the most unlikeliest Marshalls.

These irrisitable lumps of happy bubble gum, packaged so prettily stopped me in my tracks and put a grin on my face. 

I'm thankful I can now appreciate these little things that make my days seem recognize them and to be thankful for simply being able to buy something so unimportant like this box of gum.  And getting hapiness out of imagining the fun Demps and I will have as we blow bubbles, let them pop and stick to our faces and then knowing that when we do....the laughter will be unstoppable.....

Wishing you sunshine if your cup is blue..... x


  1. Thanks Tone!

    I know you 'get' being appreciative of the little moments....

    Kiss to you all...
    D x

  2. Oh your daughter is beautiful. Saw youaver at Candice's and though I will pop in from South Africa.

  3. Thank you Isha!

    I hope these put a smile on your face. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment.

    Diana x

  4. Cat,

    Thank you for popping in from South Africa...what an amazing place you live in!

    Thank you too for your lovely comment about Dempsey...she has such a beautiful spirit, I'm very lucky!

    I'll look forward to checking out your blog.

    With love
    Diana x