Thursday, December 30, 2010

Flying into the New Year!

Tomorrow we fly back to the USA so Peter can go back to work, Dempsey can return to school and I can get stuck into my blog and study......  The past few weeks have flown and I haven't had time to write much over the Christmas break.....but I have so much to say.............

There's been too many days filled with visitors and too much caffiene....chocolates, hugs and laughter.  And I don't want to leave my Aussie family.  But sometimes we do what we have to in life. 

I had a Christmas surrounded by family.  Is there really anything else in life that can match that?

My special Dad Xmas Day!

The new year is just around the corner.....and another year without my loved ones.  I have so much to write about but hope to commit more time to this space to help others when we get back to the USA.

        Peter, Dempsey and me with our Angel Savannah with us on Xmas Day! :)

We are flying New Years Eve so that should be means we get two New Years Eves which I think means two times the amount of things to do 'new' next year.  New goals, new hopes, a new slate and new beginnings.....stay tuned! :)

Sorry this is such a short blog and not really newsworthy. 

I did receive an email from my beautiful friend Glenna, who sent me these words below she found and so kindly thought to share.  They are from the Dear Abby column last week................

The words resonated with me so deeply and I'm sure with any of you reading who have lost someone.  I hope they can bring you some comfort as they did me!

DEAR ABBY: My beautiful 20-year-old daughter was killed in a car accident. I am writing this not only for myself, but for all parents who have lost a child, and to all of the wonderful people who asked, "What can I do for you?"

At the time there wasn't much anyone could do to help, but after two years I have an answer: Accept me for who I am now.

When Rachel came into my life, it changed me profoundly. Losing her did the same. Her father and I work hard to honor her memory, but we will never "get over it" to the degree of being who we were before. I am different now. In some ways -- I think -- better. I am kinder, more patient, more appreciative of small things, but I am not as outgoing nor as quick to laugh.

I know people mean well when they encourage me to get on with my life, but this is my life. My priorities have changed. My expectations of what my future will hold have changed. Please extend to me again the offer of "anything I can do" and, please, accept me as I am now.

Thanks Glenna!

Wishing you all as Happy a New Years Eve as possible.  Will catch you from the grand ol US of A! :) x


  1. Diana it is a joy to have made your acquaintance this visit and I look forward to many more posts in 2011.
    These words are so true. Thank you Glenna. I cannot help but add there are times that I do not know myself these days, so I understand the difficulty it presents for others.
    You are such a striking beauty with a handsome husband and beautiful children.
    My best wishes for 2011

  2. Ditto to you Chez!

    I was thinking of you over the xmas break....

    Thank you for your lovely words. I hope maybe to be able to connect with you from the USA where it won"t be so hectic.

    I know also that with grief there are no rules. Just when you think you know yourself or what to expect, it shifts.

    Sending love in this message and best wishes for you and your health for 2011!
    diana x

  3. Diana,

    Thanks for all of the wonderful blog posts that help out so many people! I check your blog often as a source of comfort.

    I am beginning to realize how I will never "get over" the loss of my mom, but I know I can still be happy again. Thanks for posting Glenna's column. I can definitely relate to what she said.

    I hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I hope you had a safe flight back to America! I celebrated the new year in Morocco!



  4. Thank you Liz!

    Your comment means a lot to me if I've helped you in any way!

    You are right too, you don't 'get over' the loss of anyone, especially your precious Mom. We just learn to live without them but always always miss not having them here.

    I always think of you as I write and am happy to know you are learning how important it is to be happy and grateful for all we have. I bet your mom would want nothing more than that for you!

    Here's hoping you have a fun filled smiling 2011 Liz.......wherever you are you lucky girl!

    with appreciation
    Diana x

  5. My dear Dianna,

    Happy New Year and huge hugs from across the miles! I was so glad to have been to catch up with you here again! Sorry if I have been out of touch for some time. But the good thing is that I can read your writings again and that is so comforting!

    I will write more, but until then please kiss Demps for me with warm wishes from all of us and take good care!

    Much love and Happy 2011 again!


  6. Mithra!

    Happy New Year to you too my friend!

    I've been wondering how you've been and how your first holidays without your precious mum were.

    I hope 2011 brings you lots of love from your little one and more writing from you on your blog.

    Sending love from a chilly California!
    Diana x

  7. Thank you for your meaningful post and your twitter shout out. I have learned a great deal about the gift of grief as well. xoxo

  8. Dear Abiola,

    Thank you for your lovely comment. I've been reading your posts on twitter...

    I hope you can find some comfort in my journey and words as you travel through your grief.

    I have learnt that sometimes, someday, grief and all the emotions that come with it can make us more compassionate and aware human beings.

    with love
    Diana x